Pure Cell Treatment

One-of-a-kind facial treatment with live, plant-based stem cells

Our unique Pure Cell Treatment has taken natural skincare to a whole new level, with live plant-based stem cells that has long term, immediate positive effects on the skin. This reconstructing, deeply nourishing facial treatment accelerates the skin’s repair system and increases cell renewal by utilising the nutritious vitality of Roseroot. The treatment harnesses nature’s most powerful antioxidants and vitamins that are encapsulated in the plant's cell membrane. The live cells are extracted and then massaged, freshly squeezed, into the skin. The effect is immediate and long lasting.​

Highly intensive nourishment and immediate lustre

Pure Cell Treatment harnesses active antioxidants within the plant and triggers a unique renewal of the skin, by adding nourishment on levels that have barely been possible before. As the skin’s own antioxidant genes are activated, the skin gains renewed power to repair itself. The result is skin with instant vitality and long term lustre. This treatment suits all skin types, but thanks to its reconstructuring, highly activating properties it is most visible on mature skin.

Book a Pure Cell Treatment and experience the difference immediately!

These are the effects on your skin

• Increased lustre
• Increased cell renewal
• Increases vitality and elasticity
• More resilient skin cells
• Protection against free radicals
• Stimulated collagen production
• Restructured protective acid mantle
• Accelerated repair system within the skin
• Long term regenerated skin 

Why stem cells?​

These are stem cells from the plant kingdom only and they are so called undifferentiated cells, which means that have not yet been assigned a special function. This makes them extremely adaptable and able to offer beneficial effects on all skin types and all skin conditions. Based on your skin's current condition, it will absorb nutrients from the stem cells where needed in order to repair itself.

The idea of using stem cells in skincare was previously rejected, as no one was able to keep them alive long enough. In addition, cultivating botanical stem cells was considered practically impossible. We have our own cultivation plant, the result of a long-running research project in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Research (SLU). The stem cells are cultivated in a sterile, protected environment tailored to help the cells reach their full potential providing highly intensive nourishment.

One treatment suits all, always

Thanks to the stem cells’ unique ability to adapt to whatever the current skin condition requires, the treatment works on all skin types. It can be performed any time of the year, whenever the skin needs to be strengthened and revitalised. We recommend a professional Pure Cell Treatment every six weeks, combined with a good daily skincare routine at home.​

Why Roseroot?

Roseroot is known as ”The root of the Arctic”. Its strengthening, rejuvenating properties have made this ingredient known as the anti-age supplement of the 21st century. The plant grows naturally in the Swedish archipelago and eastern Siberia. It has a long history as a medicinal plant within traditional medicine, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and high content of antioxidants. Roseroot is also used as a dietary supplement to increase physical and mental performance, and to counteract fatigue, stress and depression.​