We are Sweden's leading professional brand within natural skin care, but we are also a company that has grown from very small conditions and that cherishes the little things. We aim for the stars, but we never forget our origins and our roots in the soil of Halland. Here is our own factory and our headquarters. Here, between the salty ocean and the lush countryside, all skincare products are manufactured by our knowledgeable and caring employees. This is also where we develop new products, train resellers and handle all sales, orders and deliveries.

Constant development and quality control​

We are constantly developing existing and new products and ways of working as our customers' needs change and the latest research develops. All ingredients are checked in the laboratory before they are allowed to be used in the products. Final products are tested on humans, never on animals.

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Torstensvik i Frillesås, 2023

Close relationships

Our raw materials come from carefully selected growers and suppliers around the world, preferably from those around the corner. We are known for our close contact with both suppliers and users of our products; from therapists, hairdressers and makeup artists to final consumers and neighbours. A couple of times a year, we open the doors to our factory and show how we create the products that have made our brand the leading, professional and natural skincare brand in Sweden. ​

Growing business​

We work with raw materials from nature and the entire plant kingdom. It takes up space. Many ingredients are not available all year round, so we have to keep them in stock to ensure quality, production and delivery. The demand for natural beauty care has grown enormously since we built our facility in Frillesås in 2008. This led us to outgrow our factory and expand our premises further in 2021. Now we can focus even more on what we do best - creating products that are good for both people and the planet we live on. 

Durability and date marking

All of our products are date stamped with month first and year last for products with a shelf life of three years or less. The date applies to unopened packaging. All products should be used within six months of opening as the active ingredients are essential oils. These oxidize in contact with oxygen and thus lose their effect over time. We can therefore only guarantee results within six months of opening, although the products can be used much longer than that. If a product has a shelf life of more than 30 months (as long as the package is unopened), the shelf life after opening is indicated by the "PAO" (Period After Opening) symbol and the number of months.

Never at the expense of animals​

We never test our ingredients or final products on animals. Nowadays, thankfully, this is no longer a position that makes us unique. All animal testing is now banned in the EU and according to EU Regulation 655/2013, this is also not something that can be communicated as a benefit. "Claims that a product has specific benefits are not allowed if these benefits are only due to legal requirements." In China, however, animal testing is still allowed and even mandatory. Therefore, we have chosen not to export our products there. However, we are represented in Hong Kong because they have an independent trade policy with no requirement for imported products to be tested on animals.

No animal testing also means no allergy testing! Do you know that you are sensitive to any substance? Always read the table of contents carefully first and consult your reseller or contact us if you are unsure.