Become a Reseller

Our product range is available from trained, professional skin and spa therapists and masseurs who also offer our products in their professional treatments.

Today, we have nearly 1 200 fantastic resellers at salons, day spas and spa resorts in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. We are also represented in the UK, Spain, Greece, Greenland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zeeland and the US. Our range is available online from selected resellers with a web shop connected to the salon.

Information for new resellers

To be able to sell products from MARIA ÅKERBERG, you have to perform treatments with the products. Depending on education, you work with different parts of the range.

An educated skin therapist and spa therapist can order the whole range.

An educated masseur, podiatrist and hairdresser has limited options and can order products for the body and makeup, but not facial products.

You can always order facial products for yourself, regardless of education. In those cases, please include the products in your regular order. This must be requested when placing your order.

As a skin therapist or spa therapist, your first order must be for at least 10 000 SEK (VAT excluded) in products for final consumers. If you wish to order products for a salon, place them on a separate order.

As a masseur, podiatrist and hairdresser, your first order must be for at least 3 000 SEK (VAT excluded).

We are happy to assist you with a list of products suitable for your business. In that case, we need to know the number of products you wish to order, to sell and to use in your salon, as well as what kind of treatment you offer to your customers. Please, contact us by e-mailing

You can also place a test order, before deciding on if you want to become a reseller of MARIA ÅKERBERG. For more information, read below.

NB This is only applicable for your first order as a reseller.

To a skin therapist and spa therapist placing his or her first order for at least 10 000 SEK (VAT excluded) in products for consumers, we offer a free of charge introduction package. This package includes marketing material and selected product testers at a value of approximately 4 000 SEK.

To a masseur, podiatrist and hairdresser placing his or her first order for at least 3 000 SEK (VAT excluded) in products for consumers, we offer a free of charge introduction package. This package includes marketing material and selected product testers at a value of approximately 2 000 SEK.

If you have not used the products before, but want to be sure you choose a brand that fits your business, we offer you the possibility to place a test order. In that case, you choose what products you wish to try out (from your range), without any demand of lowest ordering value or product amount.



Since our start in 1995, MARIA ÅKERBERG has had the goal of creating satisfied end consumers, and we achieve this by having you therapists recommend the right products to your customers. We achieve this first and foremost with our basic training programme, which is mandatory if you want to be a retailer of our products. In addition to our basic training programme, there are also other inspiring trainings and courses, so keep an eye out here if you're keen to learn more about our world of natural skincare!  ​

We are pleased to announce that as of 2024 we will be offering a more in-depth and comprehensive training programme. Our basic training programmes are free of charge! Our goal is to ensure that you feel completely confident with our products and can give professional guidance to your customers. You are welcome to browse through our training programmes.

Training programme 2024

Step 1: Introduction to the MARIA ÅKERBERG brand (booked at the first order)

Step 2: Fundamental training in our natural body product

Step 3: Fundamental training in our natural hair products

Step 4: Fundamental training in our natural sun care products



Step 5: Fundamental training on our natural facial products

Step 6: Fundamental training in professional products and treatments

Step 7: Fundamental training and workshop on our natural facial products

Step 8: Cosmetic Chemistry

Step 9: Skin Diseases

What do our resellers think?

”To me, it is an easy choice, after working with several brands before I started my own business. I am very sensitive, but with MARIA ÅKERBERG we get pure, natural skincare products of high quality (and a plus for a beneficial price, but that is not crucial).”

Carola Hallin, FriskvårdsFokus

“After using Maria’s products for 20 years, we still have new customers who discover the brand and tells us that their skin is finally behaving as it should. We love to recommend Maria’s products, year after year...”

Christina Backe, Anette & Maries Hudvård

“MÅ is a proven brand, used by therapists and customers for over two decades, which provides the feeling of security. Most plants and oils have been used in skincare throughout history. It is a phenomenal mix of old knowledge and modern skincare and makeup, that easily follow the evolvement."

Maria Johanskog, Skogsro Spa

Ten reasons why you should choose MARIA ÅKERBERG

1. Deep-penetrating nourishment for your skin – developed in a clean and scientific manner by specialists.

2. Only natural ingredients are used, that supply the skin with high quality plant-based extracts, oils and herbs that the skin easily absorbs.

3. Long-term results.

4. All containers are made out of bioplastic from sugarcane.

5. High quality products at an affordable price.

6. Locally produced skincare that contributes to a sustainable development.

7. Sold by professional therapists who offer individual consultations.

8. For your Health – the skin absorbs what you apply to it, affecting underlying tissue.

9. All cultivated ingredients are organically certified.

10. We have solar panels on our roof and make each business decision with nature in mind.

Do you want to become a reseller? Please send us you application