Natural ingredients from the plant kingdom

We prioritise ingredients that not only benefit the skin and hair, but also respect their natural processes and the environment. Our deep-acting products are composed natural minerals and pure plant-based ingredients only, that add moisture, vitamins and essential fatty acids to the skin and hair. That's all we use. We strive for complete transparency and therefore openly share the contents of each product, as we have nothing to hide.  

This is how we work with our ingredients​

Quality and transparency always come first. We choose ingredients based on their naturally beneficial properties, and we clearly state what our products contain and why.

Clear ingredient list since day one
We want you to know what you put on your skin and hair. That is why all our products have had complete content declarations since we started out in 1995, four years before all member states of the EU agreed to pass a law making it mandatory. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to figure out the actual ingredients in many products on the market.

We don’t believe that most people speak latin today. That is why we translate the latin/international names of ingredients to plain English. These are included on the packaging, in our catalogue, and here on our website. If there is not enough room for an ingredient list on the packaging, we use the symbol "Hand in open book". This means you can read about the product contents in the catalogue and here instead. In the ingredient list of makeup products, ingredients that add colour to the product are preceeded by +/-.

Variations prove that the ingredients are natural!
We work with pure raw materials from the plant kingdom. Therefore, the scent and appearance of the products may vary slightly from one batch to another. The plants may have had different access to water, sunlight and soil. Sometimes the flowers have different colours, resulting in different colours of the raw material from harvest to harvest, such as the extract of Calendula in our Hand Cream and Shea Balm. If you want the exact same scent and colour every time, you can choose products with synthetically produced ingredients.

We always prioritise the natural effect of the raw materials and therefore choose to accept such variations. They are rather a proof that the ingredients and products are pure and natural.

Organic certification and natural labeling

All of our ingredients contribute to sustainable production and consumption. They are all natural and have some sort of independent ecolabeling. However, only cultivated ingredients can be certified as organic. Minerals taken from the ground, such as White Clay and Iron Oxide are instead classified according to how natural they are. Our minerals are 100% natural.

Ecolabeling of our cultivated ingredients:

Soil Association:
Organic Farming:
Farm Verified Organic:
Austria Bio Garantie:
Australian Certified Organic:

What you will you never find in our products!

No synthetic ingredients
We don’t use synthetic thickening agents, such as carbomer, as they are not sufficiently biodegradable. Xantan Gum is a healthier and more sustainable alternative. Synthetic oil, such as silicone, is not something we use either, since they are suspected bioaccumulators, and can generate formaldehyde when decomposing. Our products only contain plant-based oils.

No preservatives
We use only natural alternatives, such as vitamins and essential oils, to prolong the durability of our products. We do not use raw materials that release formaldehyde, such as MIT – Methylisothiazolinone and MCI/MI – Methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylisothiazolinone.

No animal ingredients
Many skincare products contain glycerine and collagen from offal. These are usually impossible to identify by simply reading the ingredient list. Disregarding the ethical aspect, the skin does not object to animal ingredients. However, we see no reason to use them, as there are better botanical alternatives, such as glycerine derived from rapeseed oil. Using plant-based alternatives are also a way to avoid any risk of BSE (mad cow disease).

The only animal ingredients we use are Beeswax and Honey. Nothing else. Honung is used in for example i Baby Bath and Aroma Bath Orange & Honey. Beeswax is used in for example Hand Cream, Lip Care, Face Balm, Baby Care, Face Protection, Blueberry Seed Mask, All Day Balm and Moulding Cream.

No GMO ingredients
Our products only contain ingredients that have not been genetically modified.