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Facial care for young skin

The skin is the second to largest organ in the body and plays an important role in protecting our insides from foreign substances. Like all organs, it benefits from nutrition to keep it strong.

Children's and young people's skin is thinner and more sensitive than that of adults and is not fully developed until around the age of 25. It takes good care of itself and has efficient cell renewal that keeps it in top condition. Disturbing this balance can lead to a risk of skin problems and skin diseases later in life. You should therefore be patient when it comes to skin care and not use active products before your skin is fully developed. 

We at MARIA ÅKERBERG recommend that you start with skin care no earlier than the age of 13, when puberty can begin to disrupt the balance of the skin. However, if you do not see any specific needs, we recommend waiting until they arise. Puberty and hormones are individual and the use of skincare should be adapted accordingly.

When the need arises, we recommend starting with a few gentle base products. 


Remove dirt, pollution and possible make-up with a cleanser that does not disrupt the protective barrier. Avoid soap that dries out the skin and can clog pores. Cleansing Clay gently but efficiently cleanses with White Clay and Castor Oil.


For those who experience dryness, Face Lotion Moist is a great option. It moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.

If the skin barrier is damaged, such as in eczema, the skin may need more support in the form of moisture and oil. Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil is an excellent choice when the skin needs to be strengthened and can be applied before Face Lotion Moist


We recommend adding a UV filter during the summer months. Sun Lotion SPF 20 is suitable for all ages and can be used on both face and body. If you prefer an oil-based sunscreen, Sun Protecting Oil SPF 15 a suitable option.

Beauty Starter Set for Teens is particularly suitable for teenage skin with acne. This complete set contains everything you need for your daily skincare routine: cleanser, toner, facial oil and day cream. It also includes an exfoliator and face mask for a deep cleansing treatment if needed.

Keep in mind! Even an oily skin needs to be moisturised and benefits from fatty acids that strengthen the skin barrier. If it gets too dry, it can start producing more sebum, which can lead to unwanted grease. Acne skin that is too dry can also get worse as dry skin cells clog pores and bacteria thrive in dry cracks.

If you have questions or concerns about young skin, feel free to contact our skin therapists, they are happy to help you! You can reach them here.

We have also gathered all the products suitable for young skin in the product category YOUNG SKIN.

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