What is mineral oil, and why should I avoid it?

Mineral oil is another word for crude oil, which is the oil that we pump out of the earth to make petrol and diesel, among other things. When the oil companies produce them, there are by-products that can not be used as fuel. Instead, they are used in many cosmetic products.

These by-products may have different names in the ingredient lists of skincare products and makeup. Below are some of them: 

Ozokerit (ingår till exempel ofta i mascara)
Polyisobutene (ingår till exempel ofta i läppglans)
Paraffinum liquidum
E 905

Eftersom mineraloljan inte innehåller fettsyror, utan enbart kolväten, försämrar den hudens naturliga återfuktning och gör dig beroende av exempelvis ett cerat, så att du måste applicera nytt gång på gång. Det lömska är att det känns bra för stunden, men i realiteten tillför det ingen som helst näring till huden och ger därmed inget bra långsiktigt resultat.

Which of your products can I use if I am a vegan?

De flesta! Våra enda icke-veganska ingredienser är Honung och Bivax. Honung använder vi bara i tre produkter: Aroma Bath Orange & Honey, Baby Bath och Body Mask Honey. Bivax använder vi i de flesta cremer och makeupprodukter, såsom Face Balm, Hand Cream, Baby Care, Lip Care, Foundation, Lip Gloss med flera. Vad gäller andra material, använder vi gethår i vår Kabuki Brush. Övriga borstar är gjorda med syntetiskt hår av mycket hög kvalitet.

Find all our vegan products by using the filtering options on our product pages here at mariaakerberg.com. Click ”Vegan friendly” under ”Properties” to see all products that contain neither Honey nor Beeswax.

You can also read the ingredient list on the product. There, Honey is called Mel. There are two different types of Beeswax. Cera Alba is white beeswax, which has had the pollen removed, while Cera Flava (Beeswax) is yellow Beeswax, which contains pollen. Both are sourced from Swedish bee farms.

Our products and ingredients have not been tested on animals, and they are all GMO-free. Of course, they are also organic.

Vi använder glycerin från Rapsolja, aldrig från slakteriavfall.
Det Squalane som vi använder utvinns ur Olivolja. Det finns Squalane som utvinns ur hajar, men den sorten finns inte i våra produkter.

What substance in the skin affects how deep of a tan you will get when using Tan In A Tube?

The depthdepends on your own pigments, thereforevarying from person to person. In Tan In A Tube, we use Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is derived from fructose. The substance reacts with the oxygen in the air and proteins in the skin’s upperlayersThe process is the same as if you peel an apple and then leave it be. 

Can I trust that all of your suppliers do not use child labour?

Yes, of course. We have strict codes of conduct for our suppliers to conform to. We continuously ensure that they are complied with. Any divergence would result in actions taken.

We are working with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. Principle number five is about the effective abolition of child labour. We have guarantees from all suppliers that child labour does not exist. If an occurrence of child labour is identified, we would immediately terminate the agreement with that supplier.

You can read more about the UN Global Compact here: www.unglobalcompact.org