Where do the bacteria in Probioskin come from?

Probioskin contains 4 billion lactic acid bacteria, which promote a healthy bacterial flora in the stomach and intestines. These bacteria come from the following three bacteria: Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Can I crush Probioskin before swallowing?

You rather not. Probioskin is a small tablet containing 4 billion lactic acid bacteria, promoting a healthy and balanced intestinal bacterial flora. The tablet consists of several layers of protection for the bacteria. If you crush the tablet, the protective layers disappear, causing the bacteria to die in the stomach.​

What is the difference between Probioskin and other lactic acid bacteria tablets, which I can buy at the chemist?

Probioskin is produced using ProBion matrix technology, which ensures that the bacteria are extremely well protected, and reach the stomach and intestines in an optimal manner. This is completely unique. Survival and exposure is more than ten times better in Probioskin than in other probiotic chewable tablets or capsules, ensuring that the stomach and intestines are exposed to more live bacteria during a longer period.

Are there any scientific studies that prove the effect of Probioskin?

Yes, you will find the relevant research on probion.eu under Research.

Can I use Probioskin while breastfeeding?


From what age can I use Probioskin?

Probioskin has no age limit.