How should I store my products?

As a general rule, you should be able to store our products at room temperature. Just make sure they are not placed in direct sunlight, and close the containers completely after each use. The only case where we recommend refrigeration is Aloe Vera Barbadensis. This will enhance its cooling effect on sunburnt or  irritated skin.

Why is my spray pump not working properly?

Spray pumps, for example on hair spray, can get clogged after some time of usage, causing them to stop functioning properly. But it is easily fixed. Simply unscrew the spray pump and place it in boiling hot water for a few moments. Take it out and leave it to dry, then put it back on the bottle.

Can my Lip Gloss leak?

No. The bottles are designed to prevent lip gloss leakage. However, be careful when you take out the applicator, so it does not end up any lip gloss on the bottle. If the bottle feels sticky, it is probably caused by carelessness with the applicator. Wipe off the bottle with a piece of paper.

What can I do to ease blisters on my feet?

Apply Aloe Vera Barbadensis to the blister and put a Band-Aid over it. Aloe Vera Barbadensis quickens the healing process and relieves irritated skin. The Band-Aid protects the exposed blister from bacteria and dirt.

What do I do if my products have coagulated?

In wintertime, when the temperature is low, some products may coagulate. If this happens, leave the product in room temperature until it has unfreezed. Do not shake the product!

Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, for example, coagulates at 8 degrees Celcius. However, this does not affect the quality of the product. Let it unfreeze in room temperature for a day or so, before enjoying its lovely, golden drops again!

How do I best use Papaya Peeling to prevent the product from spilling out?

We always recommend keeping the tube with the lid upwards when opening Papaya Peeling. When you are to put the lid back, make sure to tighten it firmly to prevent the product from spilling out. The texture and consistency may vary over time, but the effect will remain the same.

Why does not my airless bottle work properly?

Sometimes, the pump in our airless bottles stop working properly. To solve the problem, push up the bottom by using a potato stick or a paper clip in the small hole underneath the bottle

When pumping an airless bottle, you push the bottom up and the cream should come out. If the bottom get stuck, the bottle will not pump up the cream as usual. By pushing up the bottom, the airless bottle should start working properly again.

It is not the small pipe in the bottle that is causing the problem, as you may think. All our airless bottles are equiped with this pipe.

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