What is the difference between balm and facial oil?

Our balms contain several types of beneficial fats that do not penetrate as deeply into the skin as oils do. However, the essential oils in the balms are deep-penetrating, causing a purifying or regenerating effect, depending on which balm is used. As the beneficial fats in the balms stay on the skin’s surface, they protect it from cold, wind and dehydration. They also help the different skin layers interact better. Therefore, it is better to apply a balm after an oil and/or a cream, in order to optimise their effects on the underlying skin layers.

Balms are used day and/or night, depending on skin type and weather. When it is really cold, the balms protect the skin from becoming dehydrated.

What is the difference between Face Lotion More and Face Lotion Supplement?

Face Lotion More is recommended for individuals over 35, who are starting to get wrinkles and fine lines. This cream improves the skin’s resilience and has a firming effect. The Rose Otto in Face Lotion More has calming properties, which make the cream suitable for sensitive skin. We recommend combining it with Royal Facial Oil More, which has a smoothing effect.

Face Lotion Supplement is recommended for individuals with mature skin, in need of lustre. This is a skin that probably used to be mixed or oily, but has lost moisture with age. This cream contains pomegranate, which is rich in antioxidants, and slows down ageing. It is also firming and naturally smoothing. Since Face Lotion Supplement increases activity in the skin, it is not suitable for sensitive or oily skin. We recommend combining it with Royal Facial Oil Supplement, which has a smoothing effect.

Räcker Sun Lotion SPF 20 för barn?

Absolutely, Sun Lotion SPF 20 is enough protection for children. The more you apply, the more protection you will produce. Note that children under the age of three should not be exposed to the sun at all.

What products should I use for chicken-pox?

Face Mask Clearing, Aloe Vera Barbadensis or Calming Gel! All of them make the blisters dry out faster and give a cooling effect on the skin.

Kan jag skydda min hud mot föroreningar och blått ljus från skärmar med produkter från MARIA ÅKERBERG?

Yes! Almost all of our products contain protecting properties against blue light. To protect your skin against air pollution, you can use any cream or lotion from our range. By working with products specifically designed for the skin’s different layers, in our skincare method Deepskin Organics, you protect your skin against both air pollution and blue light.

Why is the Kabuki Brush made of goat’s hair, when all other MÅ brushes are made of synthetic bristle?

Goat’s hair has the ability to bind powder and to release it a little at a time, when massaged into the skin. Because the Kabuki Brush is specially cut and has much more hair than our other brushes, it is better suited to use with Mineral Powder and Compact Powder, to create a more covering effect. It takes a long time to find the perfect synthetic hair to replace the goat’s hair with, because the goat’s hair is so great to use to massage products into the skin. Please note that the hair has only been cut from the goat – no one is allowed to die for the sake of our brushes.