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Try MÅ Set

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Available on 2021-06-03 
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Try MÅ Set is a set with six mini sized facial products. It contains a serum, a night cream, a cleanser, a facial mask and two day creams. The products contain natural minerals and pure, natural ingredients from the plant kingdom that give the skin all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

Try MÅ Set contains:
Serum C 5 ml
Night Cream 5 ml
Foaming Wash Clearing 30 ml
Face Mask More 15 ml
Face Lotion Moist 5 ml
Face Lotion More 5 ml

The products are delivered in an organza bag.
The offer is available as long as inventory allows.

Serum C is our award winning serum with Vitamin C which, together with the fermented Lactic Acid in Night Cream, gives the skin a boost of energy and helps brighten hyperpigmentation. Perfect to use as after-sun!

Foaming Wash Clearing is a lathering facial cleanser that can be used all year round but it is especially suitable during the summer when the skin can feel a bit more oily than usual.

Face Mask More is a moisturising and firming facial mask with extract from the Persian Silk Tree.

Face Lotion Moist is the day cream in our range that provides the most moisture to the skin.

Face Lotion More is an award- winning day cream with Red Clover Extract that has a firming effect on the skin.