Hair Repair


SEK 129.00 (ca price incl. tax)

Available on 2020-03-01 to 2020-04-30

Hair Repair consists of our Scalp Scrub Intensive 30 ml that removes dry or oily residue from the scalp and Hair Mask 50 ml that gives your hair a moisture boost.

Scalp Scrub Intensive is an effective scalp exfoliator for all hair types. It removes dry or oily residue from the scalp, as well as the line that might remain on the forehead after seborrhoeic dermatitis. Contains Lactic Acid (AHA) from sugar beets and granules from Jojoba Oil that gently remove dead skin cells. Scalp Scrub Intensive also contains disinfecting and cooling Peppermint Oil. NB Due to its high concentration of Peppermint Oil, Scalp Scrub Intensive must not be used on children.

Hair Mask is a powerful, all-natural hair mask that restores the moisture balance and makes your hair soft. The product is used 1 - 2 times per month (or when needed) and has a softening effect on all hair types. Hair Mask contains essential oil of Ginger that nourishes the scalp and essential oil of petals from the Ylang Ylang Tree that is balancing and adds shine. Essential oil from Grapefruit peel has a cleansing and nourishing effect. Broccoli Oil and Jojoba Oil add essential fatty acids that give your hair a lustre that is not greasy.

The offer is valid March 1 – April 30.