Special price on our roll-on deodorants!
09 August 2021

Our Roll-On Deodorants are natural and effective deodorants which nourish the skin and prevent odour. Available in two lovely scents: Beautiful and Essential. The active ingredient Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate is a lactic acid salt with antibacterial properties that prevents odour from perspiration.


Apply to dry skin immediately after cleansing, once per day or as needed. The deodorant absorbs fast, without leaving a sticky feeling.

For the active ingredients to function well, it is important to deeply cleanse the skin before application.

For optimum use, we recommend using Deo Roll-On during daytime and Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil at nighttime. Apply Deo Roll-On to clean and dry skin in the morning. Rinse off in the evening and apply the oil. That will soften the skin and provide an antibacterial effect.